About Us

Qobe Group is a dynamic Leadership and Training Company that facilitates impactful trainings and workshops that prepares your organization to run more smoothly, meet more goals, and operate at a whole new level.

Since 2008, Qobe Group has been helping organizations and individuals reach their professional goals. Through innovative and engaging workshops, we help participants uncover group strengths, identify opportunities for empowerment, crystallize meaningful mission statements, and create positive group dynamics.

In other words, we help entire organizations get on the same page. We teach executives to lead in a way that gets results. We develop trainings that pump people up and keep them motivated. We lead workshops that are worth everyone’s time and energy.

One Thing We All Have In Common

The Qobe Group Team includes experts in many areas from Educational Management and Principles to Organizational Management to Non-Profit Leadership.

Why does Qobe work with the best? For one reason.

In today’s ever-changing world, being good isn’t enough to create consistent success. Qobe Group is committed to working with those organizations that want to stand out from the crowd. Organizations that strive for the extraordinary.

How Do We Make All This Happen?

Complexity can make things messy. That’s why we believe in keeping things simple so we have put together our Exceptional Team of key players who have the knowledge to help make this happen. In addition, we stay close to our roots, our Core Values, which are:

  • Purpose – let’s make things meaningful for a longterm impact
  • Collaboration – effective teamwork makes great things happen
  • Creativity – required for innovative and impactful work
  • Fun – if you aren’t having fun, then you aren’t doing it right.